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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F


693 votes
Release20 Jun, 2024
Runtime118 min
Budget $150,000,000.00
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Crime


Forty years after his unforgettable first case in Beverly Hills, Detroit cop Axel Foley returns to do what he does best: solve crimes and cause chaos.


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  • Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy

    Axel Foley
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Detective Bobby Abbott
  • Taylour Paige

    Taylour Paige

    Jane Saunders
  • Judge Reinhold

    Judge Reinhold

    Billy Rosewood
  • John Ashton

    John Ashton

    Chief John Taggart
  • Paul Reiser

    Paul Reiser

  • Bronson Pinchot

    Bronson Pinchot

  • Kevin Bacon

    Kevin Bacon

    Captain Cade Grant
  • Jameison Walker II

    Jameison Walker II

    Traffic Cop
  • Tony Jones

    Tony Jones

    Fireworks Kid
  • Ed Cali

    Ed Cali

    Young Guard
  • Brandon Edward Butler

    Brandon Edward Butler

  • Kyle S. More

    Kyle S. More

    Mike Woody
  • Kenneth Nance Jr.

    Kenneth Nance Jr.

    Junior Bollinger
  • Chuck McCollum

    Chuck McCollum

    Athletic Trainer
  • D.A. Obahor

    D.A. Obahor

    Plow Driver
  • Jon Lee Richardson

    Jon Lee Richardson

    Tyler - Dispatcher Trainee
  • Bee-Be Smith

    Bee-Be Smith

    Older Dispatcher
  • Keith Pillow

    Keith Pillow

    Captain Radtke
  • Christopher Matthew Cook

    Christopher Matthew Cook

    Officer Reid (aka Corrections Officer #2)
  • Princess Elmore

    Princess Elmore

    Corrections Officer
  • Damien Diaz

    Damien Diaz

    Sam Enriquez
  • Patricia Belcher

    Patricia Belcher

    Judge Angelic
  • Daniel Kaemon

    Daniel Kaemon

    Deputy DA Cronin
  • Walter Belenky

    Walter Belenky

    LAPD Officer
  • Raquel Bell

    Raquel Bell

  • David Rowden

    David Rowden

  • Tina Clark

    Tina Clark

    Airport P.D.
  • Joseph Aviel

    Joseph Aviel

  • James Preston Rogers

    James Preston Rogers

  • Mark Pellegrino

    Mark Pellegrino

  • Chantal Nchako

    Chantal Nchako

    Meter Maid
  • Bria L. Murphy

    Bria L. Murphy

    Officer Renee Minnick
  • Giovannie Cruz

    Giovannie Cruz

    Officer Paula Chavez
  • Sean Liang

    Sean Liang

  • Roshan Golconda

    Roshan Golconda

    Eastern Club Host
  • Natalie Ford

    Natalie Ford

    Beverly Palms Hotel Desk Clerk
  • Deon Griffin

    Deon Griffin

    Jane’s Assistant Brad
  • Ken Moreno

    Ken Moreno

    Sicario in Pickup Truck #3
  • Suzanne Ford

    Suzanne Ford

    Felicity (Woman with Dog)
  • Nasim Pedrad

    Nasim Pedrad

    Ashley De La Rosa
  • Luis Guzmán

    Luis Guzmán

    Chalino Valdemoro
  • Sarah Abrell

    Sarah Abrell

  • Andy Marques

    Andy Marques

    Leviathan Officer
  • Josh Tessier

    Josh Tessier

    Leviathan Officer
  • Christopher McDonald

    Christopher McDonald

  • Affion Crockett

    Affion Crockett

    Country Club Valet
  • Tony Graham

    Tony Graham

    Cartel Hombre
  • Mari Worden

    Mari Worden

    Cartel Mamacita
  • Francyne Wong

    Francyne Wong

  • Laura Castle

    Laura Castle

  • Atticus Batacan

    Atticus Batacan

  • Eugene Kim

    Eugene Kim

  • Ingrid Patricia Estrada

    Ingrid Patricia Estrada

  • Jonathan Dunnings

    Jonathan Dunnings

    DJ (voice)
  • Robert Amico

    Robert Amico

    Scared Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Alex Anagnostidis

    Alex Anagnostidis

    Beverly Hills Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Angela Barber

    Angela Barber

    First Wives Club Member (uncredited)
  • Maria Bata

    Maria Bata

    Woman At Cafe (uncredited)
  • David Bertucci

    David Bertucci

    Leviathan Detective (uncredited)
  • Ray Buffer

    Ray Buffer

    Man with Dog (uncredited)
  • Michael Camp

    Michael Camp

    Deputy (uncredited)
  • Candido Carter

    Candido Carter

    Deputy (uncredited)
  • Mickey Cassidy

    Mickey Cassidy

    LAPD Officer (uncredited)
  • Kenton Chen

    Kenton Chen

    Doordash Kid (uncredited)
  • Donnell J. Clayton

    Donnell J. Clayton

    Man Holding Daughter (uncredited)
  • Joe Davis

    Joe Davis

    Beverly Hills Business Man (uncredited)
  • Amanda Fields

    Amanda Fields

    Model (uncredited)
  • Khalid Ghajji

    Khalid Ghajji

    Beverly Hills Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Dempsey Gibson

    Dempsey Gibson

    Traveler (uncredited)
  • Michael Heidemann

    Michael Heidemann

    Reporter (uncredited)
  • Sara Holden

    Sara Holden

    Woman with Dog Stroller (uncredited)
  • Masashi Ishizuka

    Masashi Ishizuka

    Photographer (uncredited)
  • Chiyeko Jones

    Chiyeko Jones

    Red Wings Fan (uncredited)
  • Bryan Jordan

    Bryan Jordan

    Leviathan Officer (uncredited)
  • Mobin Khan

    Mobin Khan

    LA Tourist (uncredited)
  • Scott Konkel

    Scott Konkel

    Detroit Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Erik Lunseth

    Erik Lunseth

    Beverly Hills Business Man (uncredited)
  • Michael Miles

    Michael Miles

    Detroit Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Aryn Nelson

    Aryn Nelson

    Beverly Hills Police Officer (uncredited)
  • Daniel Olsen

    Daniel Olsen

    Chip (uncredited)
  • Justin Price

    Justin Price

    Security (uncredited)
  • Shoko Rice

    Shoko Rice

    Therapist (uncredited)
  • Wayne Riggan

    Wayne Riggan

    Paramedic (uncredited)
  • J.P. Riley

    J.P. Riley

    Talent Agent (uncredited)
  • Douglas Rouillard

    Douglas Rouillard

    Leviathan Cop (uncredited)
  • Frank Scozzari

    Frank Scozzari

    Rodeo Drive Shopper (uncredited)
  • Evan Shafran

    Evan Shafran

    Paramedic (uncredited)
  • Caleb Silvers

    Caleb Silvers

    Red Wings Fan (uncredited)
  • Kalina Vanska

    Kalina Vanska

    Reporter (uncredited)
  • Takesha L. Walker

    Takesha L. Walker

    Woman in BMW (uncredited)
  • Alex Wexo

    Alex Wexo

    Sheriff (uncredited)