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The First Omen

Create something to fear.


537 votes
Release03 Apr, 2024
Runtime119 min
Budget $30,000,000.00
Revenue $53,689,531.00
  • Horror


When a young American woman is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the church, she encounters a darkness that causes her to question her own faith and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that hopes to bring about the birth of evil incarnate.


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  • Nell Tiger Free

    Nell Tiger Free

  • Ralph Ineson

    Ralph Ineson

    Father Brennan
  • Sônia Braga

    Sônia Braga

    Sister Silva
  • Bill Nighy

    Bill Nighy

    Cardinal Lawrence
  • María Caballero

    María Caballero

  • Nicole Sorace

    Nicole Sorace

  • Tawfeek Barhom

    Tawfeek Barhom

    Father Gabriel
  • Charles Dance

    Charles Dance

    Father Harris
  • Ishtar Currie Wilson

    Ishtar Currie Wilson

    Sister Anjelica
  • Andrea Arcangeli

    Andrea Arcangeli

  • Guido Quaglione

    Guido Quaglione

  • Dora Romano

    Dora Romano

    Sister Romano
  • Michelangelo Dalisi

    Michelangelo Dalisi

  • Anton Alexander

    Anton Alexander

    Father Spiletto
  • Mia McGovern Zaini

    Mia McGovern Zaini

  • Eugenia Delbue

    Eugenia Delbue

    Pregnant Woman
  • Charita Cecamore

    Charita Cecamore

    Red Headed Girl
  • Federica Santoro

    Federica Santoro

    Smoking Nun
  • Donatella Bartoli

    Donatella Bartoli

    Nun #1
  • Marial Bajma-Riva

    Marial Bajma-Riva

    Nun #2
  • Mario Opinato

    Mario Opinato

  • Rachel Hurd-Wood

    Rachel Hurd-Wood

    Katherine Thorn
  • Nicola Garofalo

    Nicola Garofalo

  • Marcello Paesano

    Marcello Paesano

  • Giacomo Henri Dossi

    Giacomo Henri Dossi

    Museum Security Guard
  • Sylvia Panacione

    Sylvia Panacione

    Nurse #1
  • Daniela Barra

    Daniela Barra

    Nurse #2
  • Alessandra Fallucchi

    Alessandra Fallucchi

    Nurse #3
  • Milena Božić

    Milena Božić

    Young Sister Silva
  • Dobrila Stojnic

    Dobrila Stojnic

    Comforting Nun
  • Alberto Tierrez

    Alberto Tierrez

    Shadowy Priest
  • Ljiljana Žunić

    Ljiljana Žunić

    Sadistic Nun
  • Eva Ras

    Eva Ras

    Angry Nun
  • Miodrag Rakočević

    Miodrag Rakočević

    Shadowy Figure
  • James Swanton

    James Swanton

    Jackal Performer
  • Andjelko Pavlović

    Andjelko Pavlović

    Jackal Performer
  • Mina Knežević

    Mina Knežević

    Infant / Newborn (1 Month Old)
  • Ema Nastić

    Ema Nastić

    Infant / Newborn (1 Month Old)
  • Mateja Nešović

    Mateja Nešović

    Baby Layla
  • Lana Stanojević

    Lana Stanojević

    Baby Layla
  • Borislav Bogosavac

    Borislav Bogosavac

    Scaffold Worker
  • Dejan Dragosavac

    Dejan Dragosavac

    Scaffold Worker
  • Darko Corovic

    Darko Corovic

    Scaffold Worker
  • Strahinja Despić

    Strahinja Despić

    Scaffold Worker
  • Amy Clayton

    Amy Clayton

    Margaret Picture Double
  • Amalia Strand

    Amalia Strand

    Carlita Picture Double
  • Nigel Dyson

    Nigel Dyson

    Cardinal Lawrence Picture Double