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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The tide is turning.


2558 votes
Release20 Dec, 2023
Runtime124 min
Budget $205,000,000.00
Revenue $434,381,226.00
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy


Black Manta seeks revenge on Aquaman for his father's death. Wielding the Black Trident's power, he becomes a formidable foe. To defend Atlantis, Aquaman forges an alliance with his imprisoned brother. They must protect the kingdom.


Aquaman Breaks Orm Out of Prison

Jason Momoa & Patrick Wilson Try Painting Each Other

Necrus: The Lost Black City

Side by Side

Escape from Deserter World

Extended Preview

Aquaman Recap in 60 Seconds

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Mouthful of Water Challenge

Aquaman ASMR

Special Event Broadcast

Behind-the-Scenes Featurette | Filmed For IMAX®

Aquaman's Last Stand

Black Manta Returns Featurette

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  • Jason Momoa

    Jason Momoa

    Arthur Curry / Aquaman
  • Patrick Wilson

    Patrick Wilson

  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

    Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

    Black Manta
  • Randall Park

    Randall Park

    Dr. Shin
  • Amber Heard

    Amber Heard

  • Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman

  • Dolph Lundgren

    Dolph Lundgren

    King Nereus
  • Temuera Morrison

    Temuera Morrison

  • Indya Moore

    Indya Moore

  • Pilou Asbæk

    Pilou Asbæk

  • Jani Zhao

    Jani Zhao

  • Vincent Regan

    Vincent Regan

  • Martin Short

    Martin Short

    Kingfish (voice)
  • John Rhys-Davies

    John Rhys-Davies

    Brine King (voice)
  • Natalia Safran

    Natalia Safran

    Council Lady
  • Samuel Gosrani

    Samuel Gosrani

    Mercenary Tech
  • Jay Rincon

    Jay Rincon

    Scientist #1
  • Sohm Kapila

    Sohm Kapila

  • Ricardo Molina

    Ricardo Molina

  • Ingrid Bisu

    Ingrid Bisu

    Pier Waitress
  • Grant Huggair

    Grant Huggair

    Surface Dweller
  • Osian Roberts

    Osian Roberts

    Atlantean Fighter Pilot #2
  • Jonny Vaughton

    Jonny Vaughton

    Atlantean Fighter Pilot #1
  • Jay McDonald

    Jay McDonald

    Ocean Freighter Captain
  • Jonathan Bremner

    Jonathan Bremner

    Octobot Mercenary #1
  • Jack Waldouck

    Jack Waldouck

    Octobot Mercenary #2
  • Tyler Burger

    Tyler Burger

    Junior Baby
  • Maddox Cruz-Porter

    Maddox Cruz-Porter

    Junior Baby
  • River Ao Moemoeā Green

    River Ao Moemoeā Green

    Junior Baby
  • Nikau Keats Green

    Nikau Keats Green

    Junior Baby
  • Bodhi McCabe

    Bodhi McCabe

    Junior Baby
  • Elliot Oben-Perpa

    Elliot Oben-Perpa

    Junior Baby
  • Lucian Oben-Perpa

    Lucian Oben-Perpa

    Junior Baby
  • Arthur Rowe-Mayer

    Arthur Rowe-Mayer

    Junior Baby
  • Noah Rowe-Mayer

    Noah Rowe-Mayer

    Junior Baby
  • Julie Chang

    Julie Chang

  • Mark Kwak

    Mark Kwak

  • Dylan Silver

    Dylan Silver

  • Jon Birkbeck

    Jon Birkbeck

    Orm Suit Performer
  • Michael Beach

    Michael Beach

    Jesse Kane (archive footage) (uncredited)