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The future of humanity is in her hands.


810 votes
Release23 May, 2024
Runtime120 min
Budget $100.00
  • Science Fiction
  • Action


A brilliant counterterrorism analyst with a deep distrust of AI discovers it might be her only hope when a mission to capture a renegade robot goes awry.


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  • Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez

    Atlas Shepherd
  • Simu Liu

    Simu Liu

    Harlan Shepherd
  • Sterling K. Brown

    Sterling K. Brown

    Colonel Elias Banks
  • Gregory James Cohan

    Gregory James Cohan

    Smith / Dhiib Pilot
  • Abraham Popoola

    Abraham Popoola

    Casca Decius
  • Lana Parrilla

    Lana Parrilla

    Val Shepherd
  • Mark Strong

    Mark Strong

    General Jake Boothe
  • Briella Guiza

    Briella Guiza

    Young Atlas Shepherd
  • Adia Smith-Eriksson

    Adia Smith-Eriksson

    Ranger West
  • Logan Hunt

    Logan Hunt

    Ranger Hughes
  • Jared Shimabukuro

    Jared Shimabukuro

    Ranger Shindo
  • Ashley J. Hicks

    Ashley J. Hicks

    Ranger Ora
  • Paul Ganus

    Paul Ganus

    Ranger Rodman
  • Zoe Boyle

    Zoe Boyle

    Zoe (voice)
  • Howland Wilson

    Howland Wilson

  • Justin Walker White

    Justin Walker White

    SFS Commander
  • Michelangelo Hyeon

    Michelangelo Hyeon

    SFS Technician
  • Gloria Cole

    Gloria Cole

    Arc Pilot
  • Vaughn Johseph

    Vaughn Johseph

    News Anchor
  • Supreet Bedi

    Supreet Bedi

    News Anchor
  • Lorraine Tai

    Lorraine Tai

    News Anchor
  • Greg Mckenzie

    Greg Mckenzie

    News Anchor
  • Harj Dhillon

    Harj Dhillon

    News Anchor
  • James Millard

    James Millard

    British Field Reporter
  • Omar Khan

    Omar Khan

    Indian Field Reporter
  • Lesley Fera

    Lesley Fera

    Hard Hitting News Host
  • Tom Knight

    Tom Knight

    ICN Military General
  • Jessica Holmes

    Jessica Holmes

  • Samantha Hanratty

    Samantha Hanratty

    Communications Officer
  • Amy Sturdivant

    Amy Sturdivant

    Fig / Centurion Engineer
  • Malachi Mutakabbir

    Malachi Mutakabbir

    Heavy Armor
  • Patrick Millin

    Patrick Millin

  • Alio Wencheng Fan

    Alio Wencheng Fan

  • Mel Powell

    Mel Powell

  • Tracy Todd

    Tracy Todd

  • Geoffrey Hinton

    Geoffrey Hinton

    Geoffrey Hinton (uncredited)
  • Dawayne Jordan

    Dawayne Jordan

    Centurion (uncredited)
  • Royce Mealin Jr.

    Royce Mealin Jr.

    Space Engineer (uncredited)
  • Nicholas Walker

    Nicholas Walker

    ICN Military General (uncredited)