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He came from nothing. He conquered everything.


1780 votes
Release22 Nov, 2023
Runtime158 min
Budget $165,000,000.00
Revenue $220,597,098.00
  • Drama
  • History
  • War


An epic that details the checkered rise and fall of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his relentless journey to power through the prism of his addictive, volatile relationship with his wife, Josephine.


It’s time for the Emperor to come home. Stream Napoleon on Apple TV+ March 1.

Behind the Magic - The Visual Effects of Napoleon

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Marching Orders Film Clip

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Battle of Austerlitz

You Are Nothing Without Me

You Will Always Want It

Moscow Burns

Break The Ice

'Napoleon' with filmmakers | Academy Conversations


Storm Review 60"

Final Trailer

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Premiere Timelapse

Behind the Scenes With Ridley Scott

Film Clip

Vanessa Kirby is Josephine

Official Trailer #2

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"Unique Genius" Vignette

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  • Joaquin Phoenix

    Joaquin Phoenix

    Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Vanessa Kirby

    Vanessa Kirby

    Josephine Bonaparte
  • Tahar Rahim

    Tahar Rahim

    Paul Barras
  • Rupert Everett

    Rupert Everett

    Duke of Wellington
  • Mark Bonnar

    Mark Bonnar

  • Paul Rhys

    Paul Rhys

  • Ben Miles

    Ben Miles

  • Riana Duce

    Riana Duce

  • Ludivine Sagnier

    Ludivine Sagnier

    Theresa Cabarrus
  • Edouard Philipponnat

    Edouard Philipponnat

    Tsar Alexander
  • Miles Jupp

    Miles Jupp

    Emperor Francis I
  • Scott Handy

    Scott Handy

    Marshal Berthier
  • Youssef Kerkour

    Youssef Kerkour

    Marshal Davout
  • John Hollingworth

    John Hollingworth

    Marshal Ney
  • Abubakar Salim

    Abubakar Salim

    General Dumas
  • Thom Ashley

    Thom Ashley

    La Bedoyere
  • Jannis Niewöhner

    Jannis Niewöhner

    Hippolyte Charles
  • Julian Rhind-Tutt

    Julian Rhind-Tutt

  • John Hodgkinson

    John Hodgkinson

  • Erin Ainsworth

    Erin Ainsworth

    Hortense I
  • Isabella Brownson

    Isabella Brownson

    Hortense II
  • Benjamin Chivers

    Benjamin Chivers

    Eugene I
  • Sam Meakin

    Sam Meakin

    Eugene II
  • Sinéad Cusack

    Sinéad Cusack

    Letizia Bonaparte
  • Harriet Bunton

    Harriet Bunton

    Pauline Bonaparte
  • Charlie Greenwood

    Charlie Greenwood

    Caroline Bonaparte
  • Audrey Brisson-Jutras

    Audrey Brisson-Jutras

    Elisa Bonaparte
  • Matthew Needham

    Matthew Needham

    Lucien Bonaparte
  • Sam Crane

    Sam Crane

    Jacques-Louis David
  • Sam Troughton

    Sam Troughton

  • Edward Bennett

    Edward Bennett

    Royalist Supporter
  • Julian Wadham

    Julian Wadham

    Jean de Cambaceres
  • Catherine Walker

    Catherine Walker

    Marie Antoinette
  • Honor Kneafsey

    Honor Kneafsey

    Marie Antoinette Kid #1
  • Alexander Shaw

    Alexander Shaw

    Marie Antoinette Kid #2
  • Phil Cornwell

    Phil Cornwell

    Sanson the Bourreau
  • Harry Taurasi

    Harry Taurasi

    Citizen Lacombe
  • Edward Mercieca

    Edward Mercieca

    General Carteaux
  • Arthur McBain

    Arthur McBain

    General Marchand
  • Andy Burse

    Andy Burse

    Drunken British Guard
  • Jonathan Rice

    Jonathan Rice

    Dealer / Victim's Ball
  • Emeric Bernard-Jones

    Emeric Bernard-Jones

    Barras' Friend #1
  • Bay Bryan

    Bay Bryan

    Barras' Friend #2
  • Michael Twaits

    Michael Twaits

    Barras' Friend #3
  • Michael O'Connor

    Michael O'Connor

    Charles Leclerc
  • Dominic Coleman

    Dominic Coleman

    Clerk / Storage Room
  • Ian McNeice

    Ian McNeice

    Louis XVIII
  • Richard McCabe

    Richard McCabe

    Lord Whitworth
  • Tom Godwin

    Tom Godwin

    Austrian Ambassador
  • Gavin Spokes

    Gavin Spokes

  • Catherine Harvey

    Catherine Harvey

    Moulin's Wife
  • David Verrey

    David Verrey

  • Benedict Martin

    Benedict Martin

    Roger Ducos
  • Edward Hogg

    Edward Hogg

    Citizen Gilbert
  • Ed Hughes

    Ed Hughes

    Lucien's Associate
  • Jonathan Barnwell

    Jonathan Barnwell

    Bourrienne (Napoleon's Secretary)
  • Robin Soans

    Robin Soans

    Pope Pius VII
  • Abigail Weinstock

    Abigail Weinstock

  • Bart Lambert

    Bart Lambert

    Cosack Scout (Lake)
  • Joshua Leese

    Joshua Leese

    French Signal Man #1 (Austerlitz)
  • Nicholas Shaw

    Nicholas Shaw

    French Signal Man #2 (Austerlitz)
  • Anna Mawn

    Anna Mawn

    The Duchess Marie Louise
  • Imogen Slaughter

    Imogen Slaughter

    Nurse / Baby Napoleon
  • Mitchell Baggott

    Mitchell Baggott

    French Corporal
  • Ned Costello

    Ned Costello

    French Grenadier (Butcher)
  • John Mula

    John Mula

    Fisherman / Golfe-Juan
  • Kevin Eldon

    Kevin Eldon

    Dr Corvisart
  • Henry Morgan

    Henry Morgan

    Little Boy / Grasse
  • Logan Truter

    Logan Truter

    Little Boy #2 (Grasse)
  • Saxon Fox

    Saxon Fox

    Little Boy #3 (Grasse)
  • Richard Leeming

    Richard Leeming

    Messenger / Tuileries
  • Billy Byers

    Billy Byers

    Napoleon's Boy Waterloo
  • Tim Faulkner

    Tim Faulkner

  • Peter Sandys-Clarke

    Peter Sandys-Clarke

    British Lieutenant / Waterloo
  • Tim Delap

    Tim Delap

    Imperial Guard / Waterloo
  • Charlie Barrett

    Charlie Barrett

    French Scout Waterloo (Horses)
  • Olivia Juno Cleverley

    Olivia Juno Cleverley

    Girl St Helena
  • Sophie Wohlfeld

    Sophie Wohlfeld

    Girl #2 St Helena
  • Cormac Hyde-Corrin

    Cormac Hyde-Corrin

    Mid Shipman #1
  • Hal Gavin

    Hal Gavin

    Mid Shipman #2
  • Michael Nardone

    Michael Nardone

    Plotter (Jacobin Club)
  • Chris Barltrop

    Chris Barltrop

    Elderly Male Vagrant #1 / Moscow
  • Robert Goodman

    Robert Goodman

    Elderly Male Vagrant #2 / Moscow
  • Sophie Lund

    Sophie Lund

  • Oliver Phillips

    Oliver Phillips

    British Express Rider
  • Morgan Watkins

    Morgan Watkins

    Prussian Officer
  • Hannah Flynn

    Hannah Flynn

    Dancer (uncredited)
  • Ed Eales White

    Ed Eales White

    Duke D'Enghien (uncredited)
  • Jacob Marshfield

    Jacob Marshfield

    Cannon Commander (uncredited)