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Civil War

Welcome to the frontline.


1969 votes
Release10 Apr, 2024
Runtime109 min
Budget $50,000,000.00
Revenue $121,695,834.00
  • War
  • Action
  • Drama


In the near future, a group of war journalists attempt to survive while reporting the truth as the United States stands on the brink of civil war.


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Alex Garland on Civil War | BFI IMAX Q&A

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  • Kirsten Dunst

    Kirsten Dunst

  • Wagner Moura

    Wagner Moura

  • Cailee Spaeny

    Cailee Spaeny

  • Stephen McKinley Henderson

    Stephen McKinley Henderson

  • Nelson Lee

    Nelson Lee

  • Nick Offerman

    Nick Offerman

  • Jefferson White

    Jefferson White

  • Evan Lai

    Evan Lai

  • Vince Pisani

    Vince Pisani

  • Justin James Boykin

    Justin James Boykin

    American Soldier (Middle East)
  • Jess Matney

    Jess Matney

    Checkpoint Soldier
  • Greg Hill

    Greg Hill

  • Edmund Donovan

    Edmund Donovan

  • Sonoya Mizuno

    Sonoya Mizuno

  • Tim James

    Tim James

    Hanging Captive
  • Simeon Freeman

    Simeon Freeman

    Commercial Soldier Mike
  • James Yaegashi

    James Yaegashi

    Commercial Corporal
  • Dean Grimes

    Dean Grimes

    Commerical Soldier #1
  • Alexa Mansour

    Alexa Mansour

    Aid Worker Refugee Camp
  • Martha B. Knighton

    Martha B. Knighton

    Elderly Woman
  • Melissa Saint-Amand

    Melissa Saint-Amand

    Shop Assistant
  • Karl Glusman

    Karl Glusman

  • Jin Ha

    Jin Ha

  • Jojo T. Gibbs

    Jojo T. Gibbs

    WF White House Sergeant
  • Jared Shaw

    Jared Shaw

    WF White House Assaulter #1
  • Justin Garza

    Justin Garza

    WF White House Assaulter #2
  • Brian Philpot

    Brian Philpot

    WF White House Assaulter #3
  • Tywaun Tornes

    Tywaun Tornes

    WF White House Assaulter #4
  • Juani Feliz

    Juani Feliz

    Joy Butler
  • Jesse Plemons

    Jesse Plemons

    Militia Soldier (uncredited)
  • Jeff Bosley

    Jeff Bosley

    SFC Brown (uncredited)
  • Ryan Austin Bryant

    Ryan Austin Bryant

    WF Marine (uncredited)
  • Brent Moorer Gaskins

    Brent Moorer Gaskins

    Injured Marine (uncredited)
  • Evan Holtzman

    Evan Holtzman

    Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
  • Cora Maple Lindell

    Cora Maple Lindell

    Dying Refugee (uncredited)
  • Temper Lavigne

    Temper Lavigne

    Refugee (uncredited)
  • Miles Johnson

    Miles Johnson

    Brooklyn Protester (uncredited)
  • Kevin Kedgley

    Kevin Kedgley

    Western Forces Marine / Flag Detail (uncredited)
  • Timothy LaForce

    Timothy LaForce

    Soldier (uncredited)
  • Randy S. Love

    Randy S. Love

    Soldier (uncredited)
  • Cody Marshall

    Cody Marshall

    Soldier (uncredited)
  • LePrix Robinson

    LePrix Robinson

    Female Army Soldier (uncredited)
  • Easy Ian Radcliffe

    Easy Ian Radcliffe

    Marine (uncredited)
  • Ernest 'Scooby' Rogers

    Ernest 'Scooby' Rogers

    Riot Police / Army Soldier (uncredited)
  • Daniel Patrick Shook

    Daniel Patrick Shook

    Guard Marine (uncredited)
  • Vinnie Varon

    Vinnie Varon

    US Marine (uncredited)
  • Jaclyn White

    Jaclyn White

    War Journalist (uncredited)
  • Robert Tinsley

    Robert Tinsley

    Marine (uncredited)
  • Joe Manuel Gallegos Jr.

    Joe Manuel Gallegos Jr.

    Air Steward (uncredited)
  • Lauren Marie Gordon

    Lauren Marie Gordon

    Marine (uncredited)
  • Kevin Howell

    Kevin Howell

    Western Force Army Soldier (uncredited)
  • Anthony King-West

    Anthony King-West

    Camp Refugee (uncredited)
  • Ashley Lillig

    Ashley Lillig

    Injured Rioter (uncredited)
  • Xavier Mills

    Xavier Mills

    American Medic (uncredited)
  • Juan Szilagyi

    Juan Szilagyi

    Marine (uncredited)
  • Adam Rivette

    Adam Rivette

    Reef 1 (uncredited)
  • Peter Nguyen

    Peter Nguyen

    Marine (uncredited)